What is hotel artemis

What is Hotel Artemis movie about?

В Лос-Анджелесе недалекого будущего каждый уважающий себя преступник отправляется за медицинской помощью к суровой Медсестре, которая содержит отель «Артемида». Здесь члены особого клуба могут получить лечение и отдохнуть. Но парочка новых клиентов случайно приводит за собой местного криминального босса, желающего получить заветный предмет, похищенный в результате ограбления. Постояльцам отеля придется немало попотеть, ведь внутри строго-настрого запрещено любое оружие.

Does nice survive Hotel Artemis?

The mid-credits scene show that Nice has also apparently survived as she runs through the shadows. In 2028 Los Angeles, violent riots have plagued the city. A criminal hospital called Hotel Artemis hosts killers and dealers, including two bank robber brothers, codenamed Waikiki and Honolulu.

What happens at the end of Hotel Artemis?

It turns out that Nice’s mission was to assassinate the Wolf King, which is why she befriended Waikiki and his brother. Sadly, her actions, which included blowing the hotel’s generator, kills Honolulu, who was on life support.

Is Hotel Artemis scary?

Hotel Artemis has a few flashes of wit and an intriguing cast, but mostly it’s just a serviceable chunk of slightly futuristic violence — which might be all its audience is looking for.

Is Hotel Artemis based on a true story?

For the film’s production designer Ramsey Avery, it was inspired by a real-life LA hotel with a similarly checkered history – the Hotel Alexandria. “It was the fanciest hotel in Los Angeles when it opened in 1906,” Avery said. “Downtown was the place to be back then.”

Is Artemis connected to John Wick?

Here’s the thing, though: As familiar as that all sounds, “Hotel Artemis” is in no way related to the “John Wick” films. Different writers, different producers, different studio, different stars — even though it’s got the exact same concept, the exact same sense of style, the exact same bloodlust.

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Is there a sequel to Hotel Artemis?

Action-thriller Hotel Artemis hits UK screens this week, and we’ve been speaking to the film’s writer-director Drew Pearce about the potential for a sequel.

Who plays nice in Artemis?

Sofia Boutella

Why did Jodie Foster do Artemis?

On why she took on the role of an older woman, healing others while self-medicating to numb her personal demons, she said in our interview at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills: “It’s fun to feel free enough to play a little grey-haired lady.

Who directed Hotel Artemis?

Drew Pearce

Who dies in hotel Artemis?


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