What is amoma hotel booking

What is Amoma booking?

Save. >>>AMOMA works with a third party (they called them their supplier) whom they had to call, and the third party then had to call the hotel, and it was a big mess<<< The hotel and supplier are the first two parties. Amoma is the third party, you – the consumer – are the fourth party when using a reseller.

Are Amoma safe to book with?

34. Re: Is AMOMA.COM reliable for hotel Booking? That’s not uncommon. AMOMA tells you about it in the Terms & Conditions you failed to read when they invited you to do so, but they’re pretty vague on how much and the details.

Is Amoma a legit site?

About ten seconds after I submitted my hotel booking with Amoma.com I realized it was a scam. I write this post not out of spite, but to hopefully protect consumers from a scam company that reputable businesses (Kayak.com) partner with. …

Who are Amoma travel?

Independent hotel booking site Amoma has shut down, leaving travellers across the world without accommodation. The company, which was once one of the biggest global travel firms, ceased trading over the weekend. Those who booked hotels and extras via the site are warned that they are now likely to be cancelled.

How do I get a refund from Amoma?

Contact the hotel to see if your booking will be honoured. If you’ve paid for a booking that is subsequently cancelled, contact your credit or debit card provider to initiate a refund under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, or a chargeback; if that fails, contact your travel insurance company.

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Is Amoma out of business?

The hotel booking-platform Amoma has ceased operations and filed bankruptcy. Customers apparently will have lost both their money and reservations if they paid directly at Amoma. Amoma was one of the few booking platforms that did not belong to Expedia or Priceline.

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