How to use ihg points for hotel

How do I use my IHG points for hotels?

Points & Cash Book your stay using as few as 5,000 points

  1. Use the search tool above to find your Reward Night destination.
  2. Choose your hotel and a Points & Cash combination—rates vary per location.
  3. Select your room type and book your stay.

How many IHG points do you need for a free night?

How many IHG points do you need for a free night? Standard award nights with IHG range between 10,000 and 70,000 points per night. Keep in mind that IHG offers a quarterly PointBreaks® promotion where hotels are discounted to anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 from their original price.

How do I use my IHG points for free night?

On your card’s anniversary the free night certificate will automatically be deposited into your IHG Rewards Club account. To access it, log into your IHG Rewards Club account, and navigate to your account management page. Then on the left side you’ll see a section that reads “1 Free Night(s),” assuming you have one.

How much is 50000 IHG points worth?

How we value IHG pointsCategoryPointsPoint value (cents)7400000.0058450000.0069500000.00510550000.005

Are IHG points worth it?

On average, you’ll find IHG points are worth ~0.5 cents per point, which will vary depending on your dates of travel and where you’ll be staying. … IHG’s award chart places hotels in 13 different categories, and generally speaking, higher-end hotels will get you a better value per point, depending on your travel dates.

What is the best way to use IHG points?

You can opt to redeem your IHG points for a Points & Cash redemption at checkout — just select the number of points and cash you want to use for your booking. You can use miles in 5,000 point increments, and redemptions start at 20,000 miles below the standard redemption rate.

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What are 20000 IHG points worth?

IHG Points Value TableCost In PointsCost Per Night Per-Day Price (No Taxes)10,000 Points$70 From $6115,000 Points$105 From $9220,000 Points$140 From $12225,000 Points$175 From $15311 мая 2020 г.

How do I book IHG 4th night for free?

When you redeem points for any stay of 4 or more nights, your 4th night is free. Once this benefit applies to your IHG account, whenever you make an award booking for at least 4 nights, you will see that you are only paying for 3 nights with points.

What are the levels of IHG Rewards?

Membership Levels

The Rewards Club program is divided into four levels: Club, Gold Elite, Platinum Elite and Spire Elite. You can also become an InterContinental Ambassador for an extra fee or an InterContinental Royal Ambassador by exclusive invitation.

Do Holiday Inn points expire?

All points will expire after 12 months if there’s no account activity. But it’s easy to maintain your points balance. Just earn or redeem once a year through any of our IHG hotels or partners.

Can I transfer IHG points to airlines?

Like many hotel rewards programs, you can transfer your IHG Rewards Club points to a variety of airline partners. … The majority of programs transfer at a rate of just 10,000 points to 2,000 airline miles, so you’re almost certain to lose value when you redeem your IHG points in this way.

Can I transfer IHG points to Marriott?

IHG Rewards

We’ve only listed IHG here, because they’re a standout among major loyalty programs as they charge for the transfers unlike, Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott. “IHG® Rewards Club points can be transferred to another IHG® Rewards Club member in 1,000 point increments for $5 USD per 1,000 points.

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What can IHG points be used for?

Earn points when you stay at any one of our nearly 5,200 open hotels or make use of our promotions and partners. Points can be used for Reward Nights, travel, merchandise and more. IHG® Rewards Club Reward Night points requirements vary by hotel property and are classified per category.

Is IHG membership free?

The chain’s loyalty program, IHG Rewards Club, is free to join and provides a host of perks to visitors – ranging from a complimentary newspaper at your door when you wake up in the morning to points for every dollar spent at IHG hotels that you can redeem for free nights. It’s not all mints on your pillow, though.

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