How to get free breakfast at hotel

Can I walk into a hotel and get free breakfast?

You generally can be seen walking in from outside to go directly to the breakfast, because breakfast is served in the lobby.

Why do hotels offer free breakfast?

Staying at a hotel that offers free breakfast is a terrific way to save money and time because you don’t need to run around looking for your morning meal or spend a fortune. Some hotels offer free breakfast to everyone, but you can often get a fancier, more substantial meal when you have hotel elite status.

Do hotels give free food?

Dining out can add to your travel spending when you’re away from home, but your hotel may offer a money-saving solution. Many hotels offer complimentary breakfast, but some include free dinner as an additional guest perk. A rewards credit card can also be useful in enjoying free meals.

Do you get free breakfast at DoubleTree?

Wake Up DoubleTree Breakfast

For business travelers on the go and people about to have a fun day on vacation, DoubleTree by Hilton hotels offer more than just a grab-and-go breakfast. If you have Hilton Honors Gold or Diamond status, your breakfast is complimentary.

Can you take food from hotel breakfast?

Hotels are different, 99% of the time, free or not, but especially…. If free breakfast at a hotel – no one cares as long as you are peaceable about it, and taking food to eat in your room is always allowed…truly, no one will care if you take a hard boiled egg or something.

Can you take hotel breakfast to your room?

Yes, it is normally proper etiquette and totally fine to take trays of food from the buffet back to your room. The rule to live by would be: when in doubt, ask. . Is it proper etiquette to take the hotel continental breakfast back to your room to eat?

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What hotel has the best breakfast?

The 5 Best Hotels with Free Breakfast, Ranked

  1. Embassy Suites. Embassy Suites wins this competition by a landslide, and for a number of reasons. …
  2. Holiday Inn Express. Holiday Inn Express locations have long had a reputation for their respectable free Express Start Breakfast bars. …
  3. Hyatt Place. …
  4. Best Western. …
  5. Canopy by Hilton.

Why do expensive hotels charge for breakfast?

Hotels that charge between $20 and $50 for breakfast are likely catering to guests that are paying more per night anyway, and that often includes business travelers. Since they’re usually being reimbursed for their expenses, such travelers tend to be less price-sensitive than, say, leisure travelers.

Is breakfast free at Hyatt Place?

As of Monday, the refreshed Hyatt Place brand will offer World of Hyatt members some additional perks. … Hyatt says that it will honor the free breakfast for eligible members even for reservations made before Monday’s announcement. Currently, breakfast is complimentary for all guests.

What hotels offer free drinks?


  • Canopy by Hilton. Every evening, Canopy hotels has free tastings at their hotel bar, where you can sample local wines, beers and spirits at no cost. …
  • Residence Inn. Mondays through Wednesdays at 6pm, most Residence Inn locations host an ‘RI MIX’ social hour. …
  • Homewood Suites. …
  • FREE Napa Valley Wine Tastings. …
  • Las Vegas.

What hotel chains have free happy hour?

You bet!

  • Free Happy Hour (a.k.a. – Manager’s Reception, Evening Social) – Drury Inn, Embassy Suites, Hawthorne Suites, Homewood Suites (certain nights)
  • Free Chocolate Chip Cookies – Doubletree, Hampton Inn.
  • Free Hotel Shuttle Service – Varies by location, but this can save you a taxi fare or even a rental car.
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Does Homewood Suites have free dinner?

Stop by our dining room Monday through Thursday evening to indulge in our Complimentary Evening Social*. Socialize with friends, family and even the Homewood Suites staff while enjoying beverages and “small plate” offerings – they are just the right size as an appetizer or a small, satisfying meal.

Does DoubleTree have free cookies?

Stop by any DoubleTree hotel in the U.S. for a FREE signature DoubleTree cookie. You do not have to be a guest of the hotel. Just walk on in and grab a warm cookie! … If you’re not near a DoubleTree, you’re in luck: DoubleTree hawks its famous cookies online, both baked and in dough form.

What is free top breakfast?

And it’s FREE. Hot breakfast fans will love the scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, and waffle boats, and everything on the Tru by Hilton breakfast bar is customizable, so start with a base like eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, bagels, donuts or a waffle boat and then top it your way!

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