How far is regency hotel miami from south beach

How far is Regency Hotel Miami from the beach?

8 miles

How far is Regency Hotel from Miami port?

5 miles

How far is Hyatt Regency Miami from South Beach?

48 miles

How do I get from downtown Miami to South Beach?

To get to SoBe, take the Metro-Mover to any of the downtown stations. get off & take the next car that says “Omni Loop.” Take that to the Adrienne Arsht Center/Bus Terminal station. Go downstairs & take Bus Route 120 “Beach Max,” ($2.00) which will take you direct to SoBe at 5th St.

Is there a free shuttle from Miami airport to cruise port?

Cruise Line Transfers to the Miami Cruise Port

But if you plan to arrive into Miami then head straight to the airport, you can book shuttle transportation via your cruise line directly. These shuttles are not free, and the price does range per person, per each cruise line.

Can you walk to Miami port?

In Miami, Metrorail’s Orange Line can get you from the airport to Downtown Miami in less than half an hour. Transfer to Metromover at Government Center and get off at the Freedom Tower stop. From there, you can either walk 1.5 miles to the port or catch the Coral Way Route Trolley to the port.

How far is Hyatt Regency Miami from cruise port?

5189 feet

Is it better to stay in South Beach or Miami Beach?

Most of the hotels, restaurants and clubs at South beach are within a walkable distance. Unlike Miami Beach, South Beach contains some of the best beaches, clubs, restaurants and shopping streets. More and more people prefer to stay at South beach rather than at Miami Beach. … South beach is part of Miami.

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How far is South Beach from downtown Miami?

4 miles

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