Where is the templar hotel in gta 5

Where are the 4 gauntlets in GTA 5?


  • One Gauntlet is parked at the top of the multistory parking lot in Pillbox Hill. …
  • The second Gauntlet is behind the Vangelico store in Rockford Hills, also near the Caca store as well. …
  • The third Gauntlet is in the front of the Templar Hotel, southeast of Legion Square in Mission Row.

Where is the motel in GTA V?

The motel is located at 6834 Innocence Boulevard in Rancho, Los Santos. It is a cheap motel that features a parking lot and an ECola vending machine. There is a small balcony that has towels drying off on it and surfboards outside of the rooms.

Where is Mission row in GTA 5 map?

Mission Row is a neighborhood in southeastern Downtown Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Where is the lodge in GTA 5?

A view of the Bayview Lodge. Bayview Lodge is a inaccessible lodge featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It is located on Procopio Promenade in Paleto Forest, Blaine County. Aside from it being a lodge, it also has a diner and general store.

Where will GTA 6 be based?

Rio de Janeiro

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